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Frequently Asked Questions

La Tee Da AromaLume Fragrance Generators

What are AromaLume fragrance generators and how do they work?
AromaLume fragrance generators are powerful and efficient fragrance delivery systems. After years of development and testing, La Tee Da! has succeeded in combining all the best features of popular home fragrance products, while eliminating their shortcomings. A quiet fan gently evaporates fragrance from the cube wick, scenting your room. Available in the following: Aged Concrete & Sage Frosted Glass, Carved Wood & Chocolate Frosted Glass, Harlequin White Diamond Glass, Iron & Ribbed Frosted Glass, Leather Textured Taupe Glass, Rattan & Ivory Glass, Regal Textured Ivory Glass.

What are the benefits of using a fragrance generator?
There are many benefits to using the La Tee Da! AromaLume fragrance generator:
- pure scent essence produced without flame or heat
- illuminates with soft, low-energy LED light when in use
- cube wick is constantly replenished, delivering consistent scent throughout
- long-lasting refills provide economical use at the rate of pennies per hour
- no burning means no soot or carbon emissions
- VOC and CARB compliant
- air movement spreads fragrance across large living areas

How long will the AromaLume fragrance generator scent last?
The AromaLume fragrance generator uses the Elixir fluid which is specifically formulated for this product. One 3.75 oz bottle lasts over 160 hours.

What scents are available for use in the AromaLume fragrance generator?
How do I set up my AromaLume fragrance generator?
Following are the directions for initial setup.
1. Connect the power adapter cord to base of the fragrance generator, located under the power switch.
2. Plug adapter cord into an electrical outlet.
3. Place cube wick into fragrance elixir, then place it into the fragrance cup holder located on top of the fragrance generator.
4. Place the glass hurricane over the wick and fully seat it into the base.
5. Place decorative top onto the glass hurricane.
6. Slide the power switch to turn on the generator.
7. LED lights will illuminate when operational.

Simply turn off when the fragrance meets your satisfaction or leave on for continuous fragrance.
Tell me more about Millefiore Car Fresheners
Millefiore Car Fresheners, developed and produced in Milano, Italy, are stylish accessories with exclusive fragrances for your car. A versatile cover incorporate the scented rubber rechargers that can easily be substituted when the scent starts vanishing. Attached by a functional universal clip, the freshener can be easily positioned on the air vents of any car, both vertically or horizontally. Air passing through the freshener distributes a constant and long lasting scent.
How do I change the scent?
The scents are easily changed. Using your thumbs, firmly pull the chargers out on each side. The clip may slide out, so be certain it is in place when you insert the new charger. All the scents are interchangeable (except the Quadro scents), so you can mix and match scents with covers to match your personality. We carry the following scents: Cold Water, Green Tea, Manoi Flowers, Orange Tea, Oxygen, Pomegranate, Sandalwood & Bergomot, White Musk, Wood & Spice.
How long will the scent last?
The Millefiore Car Freshener scents will last approximately 2 months, depending on the weather.
Effusion Lamps

What are effusion lamps and how do they work?
Effusion lamps are decorative fragrance lamps that destroy odors and bacteria in the air while increasing oxygen levels and perfuming your environment and eliminating unwanted odors. These lamps use a catalytic burner that reaches 140 degrees Fahrenheit to combust a special alcohol based liquid fuel. The burning fuel releases molecules into the air to capture and destroy odors while dispersing essential oils.
Effusion lamps exchange fragrance for unwanted odors in the air. It operates at approximately 1/3 the temperature of a candle. It draws fragrance up through the wick the the burner. The burner releases fragrance and will saturate a room more quickly and consistently than other fragrance products. It typically takes about 45 minutes to fragrance the average size home. The fragrance burns at approximately 1 oz per hour.

What is the history of effusion lamps?
In 1898 a French pharmacist invented the first catalytic combustion effusion lamp while trying to find a process to purify air. These lamps were used by the medical world for their antibacterial powers in hospitals, health facilities, and mortuaries where hygiene was of utmost importance until the mid 1900’s.

Today they are much more decorative than the original versions used in hospitals. Some are made from hand-blown glass and are very collectible. These lamps are now being used to purify air and eliminate odors in homes, offices, and any other environments that people live and work in. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your Effusion lamp, it will keep the air refreshed in your environment for many years.

Are there any benefits to using an effusion lamp?
Effusion lamps purify the air by oxidizing air particles, destroying odors and air borne bacteria. They increase oxygen levels in the air and because they do not have a continuous flame or produce soot they are safer and cleaner than candles. The fuels used in the lamps contain essential oils that are made from natural botanical extracts. These oils perfume the air and provide aromatherapy, as well as having insect repelling properties.

How do I use my effusion lamp?
Use these directions on our blog or watch this video (coming soon).
My lamp won't light. What can I do?
- Is your lamp too full? The lamp cannot be filled with more than 2/3 fragrance because it must have room for the combustion to take place.
- Did you let the wick soak up the fragrance? You can tell you've let the wick soak up enough fragrance if the wick stone has turned from light gray to dark gray. If it is still light gray, replace the metal cap and wait about 20 minutes before trying to light it again.
- Is your wick clogged? If you leave the metal cap off the wick stone, the fragrance solution can build up and clog the wick. To unclog your wick, place it in a sealed container of isopropyl alcohol for a few days. This may help.
- Your wick may have absorbed too much moisture from the air. Empty the lamp, let the wick dry completely. Try again.
Why is my fragrance evaporating when I'm not using my lamp?
The fragrance is made with isopropyl alcohol and will evaporate if not sealed. To keep the fragrance from evaporating when your lamp is not being used, you must replace the metal cap. You do not have to wait for the lamp to cool off.
My fragrance is too strong. What can I do?
You can dilute your fragrance with Purifier (Greenleaf) and Dilute (La Tee Da).

La Tee Da Crown Candles

How does the Crown Candle work?
La Tee Da! Effusion Crown CandlesTM were created to be the most fragrant candles available anywhere. The secret is in the ceramic crown that sits atop the candle and is specially infused with fragrance, just like the candle itself. The candle flame warms the crown, and together they deliver a powerhouse scent performance that can only be described as high definition. Even after the candle flame has been extinguished, the crown continues to release fragrance for hours. Each signature fragrance is a custom-blended scent harmony with a unique personality.

What is my Crown Candle made of?

The Crown Candle is made with the finest quality food-grade paraffin.

How long will my Crown Candle last?
If you extinguish, trim and re-light every 2 – 3 hours, your Crown Candle will last approximately 80 hours.

Why can I no longer find my favorite Crown Candle?
La Tee Da has discontinued manufacturing the Crown Candles. We know...we are sad too.

Fragrance Refills / Diffuser Refills

What is the difference between La Tee Da fragrance refills and diffuser refills?

The difference between La Tee Da fragrance refills and diffuser refills is fragrance refills includes a small amount of alcohol to allow combustion to take place. Diffuser refills are oil based.

Potion Warmers

What are Potion Warmers and how do they work?
La Tee Da! Potion Warmers are decorative ceramic warmers that use a water-based fragrance potion to provide and maintain scent clarity throughout its use. The potion (liquid) in the warmer gradually dehydrates down to a thin film and is easily wiped from the warmer dish with a cloth or rinsed out with water.
What are benefits of using a Potion Warmer?
There are many benefits to using La Tee Da! Potion Warmers:
- pure scent essence produced without flame or heat
- long-lasting refills provide economical use at the rate of pennies per hour
- no burning means no soot or carbon emissions
- VOC and CARB compliant

- No messy wax clean up or waxy after-smell
- Control the strength of the scent with low or high settings
- No phthalates or petroleum products
How long will the Potion Warmer scent last?
Half an ounce of the potion typically provides 3 - 5 hours of pure fragrance enjoyment, depending on your warmer settings. That means the 8 oz bottle of potion may last 24 - 40 hours.
How do I set up my Potion Warmers?
1. Plug the potion warmer into an electrical out.
2. Pour in the desired amount of potion, depending on how long you plan to use the warmer.
3. Choose your setting, low or high.
4. Enjoy!
When finished, simply unplug the unit, wipe it out with a cloth or rinse it with water. It's ready for next time!

Reed Diffusers

How does my Reed Diffuser work?
The Reed Diffusers draw scent up and disperse fragrance through the reeds. Each reed diffuser refill last for about 4-6 months before any attention is required. Just fill the vase up with oil, drop the reeds into the oil and forget about it. Just flip the reeds to refresh!

What’s the difference between the regular reed replacements and the SuperStix reeds?
The SuperStix reed replacements are specially coated to absorb and disperse extra fragrance, providing a stronger scent.

My 2CLR Reed Diffuser indicates it cannot be refilled. Why can't I use the Reed Diffuser Refill?

The 2CLR Reed Diffuser uses a two-tone fluid is specially formulated to stay separated inside the honeycomb glass. If you choose to use the Reed Diffuser Refill, you simply will not have the special two-tone effect.

How long will my 2CLR Reed Diffuser last?
Your 2CLR Reed Diffuser will last approximately six months, depending on the environment in which it is used.

Scent Notes Fragrance Greetings

How long will the Scent Notes fragrance last?
Your Scent Notes Fragrance Greetings fragrance should last approximately 6 - 8 weeks, depending on the environment in which it is used.

Can the Fragrance Greetings be refilled?
The Scent Notes Fragrance Greetings can be refilled using the Reed Diffuser Refills.

Scentuaries Decor Diffusers

How long will the Decor Diffuser fragrance last?
Your Scentuaries Decor Diffuser fragrance should last approximately 60 to 90 days, depending on the environment in which it is used.

Can the Fragrance Greetings be refilled?
The Scentuaries Decor Diffuser can be refilled using the Reed Diffuser Refills.

Posh Wash

Is Posh Wash hypo-allergenic?
Yes, Posh Wash is hypo-allergenic.

Is Posh Wash biodegradable?
Yes, Posh Wash is biodegradable.

How many loads can I get out of the 32 oz bottle?
The 32 oz bottle of Posh Wash yields at least 16 regular wash loads.

Lamp Wicks / Parts

Which size wick do I need?
Greenleaf wicks are all the same size. The information below will help you choose the right wick for your La Tee Da fragrance lamp.

180mm:   Largest size.
130mm:   Most common size.
90mm:     Smallest regular lamp size.
Mini:        Fits all Mini fragrance lamps.